Published: July 19, 2017

Introducing “Arpeggio,” a React App for Naming Guitar Chords

I’ve had my sights set on finding something to build out in React for a while now---I mean, it’s what all the cool kids are using, amirite? 😎 If you happen to be one rad individual who is into both music theory and guitar then today is your lucky day! I present, Arpeggio:


For the Musicians

The idea behind Arpeggio was to create an application that aided in the understanding and discovery of chord shapes for guitar. As users plot points on the chart, the selected notes are checked against dozens of chord forumulas for potential matches. When a match is found, its information is reflected above the chart.

It’s great for:

  • Helping beginners to see the relationships between chord shapes and their constituent notes (and how altering one or more notes can result in a new chord)
  • Giving more experienced players a quick way to locate and experiment with different chord shapes

For the Developers

You can read a more about the project and check out the source code over on GitHub.