Published: April 03, 2017

Ready, Set…


I have always loved what the Internet represents.

The idea that anyone, anywhere can create a space to share their thoughts on topics that matter most to them and find connection with other like-minded individuals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into sports, music, art, science, food, travel, philosophy, or endlessly debating the superiority of one medieval siege weapon over another, there is a community for you somewhere online.

You don’t need a big production budget or a multi-million dollar studio staffed by hundreds to broadcast your message over the airwaves.

All you really need is a text editor and a DIY attitude (okay, and a registrar…and a host…and an actual Internet connection, but I digress).

So this website is just that—me rolling up my sleeves and putting forth a little elbow grease to share my thoughts about the things I am learning and that interest me.

And hopefully someone, somewhere can get something out of that.