James “Kory”

Design & Dev
Ft. Worth, TX
United States

Howdy, partner.

My name is Kory and if you were to ask me what “I do,” depending on the day of the week I might answer product designer or web developer.

That's because I tend to spend just as much time thinking about code as I do colors and copy.

Ultimately, I love crafting holistic experiences through user interfaces that are enjoyable, accessible, robust, and responsive.


My work has taken me from Las Vegas to London and everywhere in between. Here are just a few of the organizations from around the world that have trusted my products to power their business:

  • Del Frisco's Logo
  • Jethro Tull Logo
  • Adam Holzman Logo
  • Oakwood Logo
  • Tespo Logo
  • Dream Theater Logo
  • Gomo Travel Logo
  • Change Logo
  • Austin Stone Worship Logo
  • Bullseye Logo
  • Vektropol Logo
  • Shrimp Shack Logo


I love solving challenging layout problems by wrangling semantic HTML and CSS into responsive, accessible, mobile-friendly interfaces.
Progressively enhancing experiences through JavaScript when needed is a core tenet of mine. I try to go vanilla whenever possible and leverage React for more complex projects.
Managing content effectively requires a well thought out backend. Since 2012, I've developed custom themes for WordPress. More recently, I've explored using headless CMS platforms and GraphQL paired with frameworks like Gatsby to build blazingly fast, statically rendered websites.
Version Control
Keeping an up-to-date, centralized repository of all projects I work on is of paramount importance.
UI / UX Design
Crafting holistic experiences for the end user takes thoughtful consideration at every step. I love being a part of that process and deploying structured design systems for ease of maintenance and consistency.
Art Direction
I have assisted in the development of key branding assets for organizations including logos, typography, color schemes, et cetera.
Graphic Design
Photoshop and Illustrator are no strangers around these parts. I can create custom graphics for various purposes as needed.
I can assist in the creation of copy for marketing purposes in addition to general copy needed throughout websites or apps.
Technical Writing
I love crafting technical documentation that is easily digestible and (gasp) fun to read. I have been the primary stakeholder of Themeco's hundreds of online docs articles and release notes over the years.
Content Creation
I have experience in producing and editing videos for YouTube and Facebook in addition to writing blog and social media posts to engage with online communities.
Music Production
Writing, arranging, and producing music are tremendous passions of mine and I have created pieces for videos, podcasts, and more throughout the years.
Audio Mixing / Editing
Whether in the studio or at front of house, I love to mix audio. I head up the audio team at my church and have assisted with sound at corporate events.